Chelsea boss Frank Lampard has continued to hit out at Liverpool following his side's 5-3 defeat to the Reds, claiming that Jurgen Klopp's backroom staff broke the touchline 'code' during their altercation on Wednesday evening.

In what was a gripping contest, it was Liverpool who ran out 5-3 winners before lifting the Premier League trophy after the game. However, an incident in the first half did not go down well with Lampard, with the Blues boss reacting.

Lampard voiced his anger and launched a string of expletives and directed it towards the Liverpool bench after Sadio Mane was awarded a free-kick - which Trent Alexander-Arnold went on to score from. After the contest, the 42-year-old alluded to the Reds' 'arrogance'.

Lampard warned Liverpool about their 'arrogance' after the match

Once again discussing the topic, Lampard has criticised the champions for breaking the 'code' of conduct on the side of the pitch - notably criticising Klopp's backroom staff.

"What is the code? I think when you speak between managers, and there are lots of decisions that go and you can hear it more clearly now without the crowd," Lampard said ahead of Chelsea's clash with Wolves on Sunday (as quoted by Sky Sports). "And lots of managers will call for decisions and it may be right or wrong. And then you speak with each other.

"But when people on the bench jump up and want to speak across to myself and then smirk and smile and then continue to do so for quite a while; I think that is past the code."

Lampard wasn't pleased with the actions of Klopp's backroom staff

"What I think also when you talk about arrogance is respect, and when you are in a role at a club or whether you are talking about how benches work - and I could speak to Jurgen Klopp all day and could fight the corner of a decision or performance of a referee - what my feeling was the bench at Liverpool, or one person in particular, was absolutely crossing that line so that became arrogant to me."

Lampard further added that while he does regret the language that he used during the altercation, he does not have the same regrets about the passion he showed as that is part of the game. He added: "I've seen the video and I was obviously there. In terms of the language I used, I do regret that because these things get replayed a lot on social media.

"I've got two young daughters who are on social media so I regret that. In terms of regretting having passion to defend my team - no. I could have maybe handled it slightly differently to keep that language in."