Former MVPs Call on MLB to Remove Kenesaw Mountain Landis' Name From Trophy

Bryce Harper
Former MLB starts want to remove Kennesaw Mountain Landis' name from the MVP trophies. | Rob Carr/Getty Images

Major League Baseball fans may not think twice about a name that is plastered on the MVP plaques handed out every season. The name is not of the winner, but of controversial former MLB Commissioner Kenesaw Mountain Landis.

Landis' name is on both MVP Awards and there is even a picture of him as well. Former MVPs such as Barry Larkin, Mike Schmidt, and Terry Pendleton have spoken out about removing Landis' name and likeness from the award.

The reasoning behind the change is that Landis held back the integration of the league. Now his name and face is prominently displayed on MVP Awards when the honor should exclusively go to the player taking home the award.

2020 is a year in which controversial figures from the past are rightfully having their statues torn down and names removed from public buildings. MLB can join the positive wave of change by removing any mention of Landis from the MVP Awards. The man has not been the Commissioner since his death in 1944 and honoring him now sends the wrong message to everyone involved with the game of baseball.