The 2020 Community Shield will go ahead at Wembley on Saturday 29 August, with Premier League champions Liverpool to face Arsenal.

The game, which is the traditional curtain raiser for each new season, will take place just four weeks after the 2019/20 FA Cup final and five weeks after the end of the Premier League campaign. The 2020/21 Premier League season will then kick off two weeks later on 12 September.

The FA will confirm kick-off time and other details in due course.

Wembley will host the 2020 Community Shield on 29 August

With the clubs having just finished a manic Premier League schedule to ensure this season could be finished despite a three month pause as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, fixture congestion might have more of a concern had any got aspirations of European glory.

The Champions League and Europa League competitions will not restart for another week, with finals to be played on 23 August and 21 August respectively.

The Community Shield was created in 1908 when Football League champions Manchester United faced Southern League champions QPR at Stamford Bridge, with the former winning after a replay.

The tradition of the league champions facing the FA Cup winners was established in 1921, although much of the rest of that decade saw invitational XIs play in a professionals vs amateurs match.

Following the conclusion of the Second World War in 1945 and the resumption of football thereafter, the Community Shield – or Charity Shield as it was known until 2002 – has been played every year without fail since 1948 and 2020 will continue that.

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