ESPN's Jeff Passan Suggests MLB Owners Might Be Willing to Punt the 2020 Season

Jim Crane
Houston Astros owner Jim Crane | Michael Reaves/Getty Images

While most would assume that the 30 MLB owners all want to play a season in some form or fashion in 2020, ESPN's Jeff Passan is reporting that some are weighing up the possibility of "punting" on the season entirely.

On The Rich Eisen Show, Passan claimed that some owners believe that paying players for 82 games, which might not have fans in the stands, will cost far too much money.

Apparently some owners have decided that making no money from the 2020 season is preferable to playing a truncated campaign. That is nothing short of the epitome of greed.

Between some owners essentially admitting they don't care about their players or games and the union refusing to make a counter offer on a ridiculous economic plan for the shortened season, not playing in 2020 is a legit possibility, as harsh as that is to hear.

As Passan alluded to in his initial comment, these negotiations will expose which owners want their team to win as many games as possible and which only care about the bottom line. Hopefully these BILLIONAIRES figure out that having no 2020 season will have a ripple effect on their precious bottom line in 2020.