VIDEO: Ryan Clark's AFC Quarterback Rankings Are Complete Trash

ESPN's Ryan Clark
ESPN's Ryan Clark

Skip Bayless left ESPN and then ESPN just ... turned everybody else into Skip Bayless? Don't get us started on Dan Orlovsky -- he's the poster child for all of this -- but we didn't expect this from Ryan Clark! Why is this happening?! Clark ranked all the quarterbacks in the AFC East on "Get Up!" and we have no idea how we didn't see this trash take last week when it aired.

While Mike Greenberg asked Clark "if he were drafting the QBs in the AFC East" right now, this is still unacceptable. Tua Tagovailoa first? He hasn't played a snap in the NFL yet and hasn't stepped on a field since mid-November. Sam Darnold has better "arm talent" than Josh Allen? Not sure what that means, but he better hope he's not talking about arm strength. Stidham in last here is the only permissible answer.

Ranking Darnold ahead of Allen is sure to get Buffalo Bills fans riled up, too. Darnold is 11-15 in 26 NFL starts and has 5,889 passing yards, 36 touchdowns and 28 interceptions. Allen is 15-12 in his 27 starts, has made the playoffs, and while his 5,163 passing yards, 30 touchdowns and 20 interceptions lag a bit behind Darnold, the former top pick also has 1,141 rushing yards and 17 touchdowns to his name. Let's not forget the Bills have had a run-heavy offense over the last few years, which had the team ranked 28th in pass attempts in 2018 and 21st in 2019. Though the Jets were 24th and 23rd, if Darnold was that much better, his numbers would prove it.

The only fair ranking here is Allen, Darnold, Tagovailoa and Stidham, based on what we've seen from their play and their accomplishments at the college and pro levels.