ESPN Moving up Michael Jordan Documentary Release Date in Clear Win for NBA Twitter

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls enjoys a cigar | MIKE NELSON/Getty Images

Bullying does work!

Without basketball, we're all going a little insane. ESPN realizes that, and after weeks of -- how should we put this -- convincing from NBA Twitter, the WorldWide leader is giving us what we so much desire.

ESPN's Michael Jordan documentary, which had been scheduled to come out this Summer, will now be released in April.

Without actual games to keep us company, reliving Jordan's best moments, as well as viewing some never-before-seen footage of MJ's basketball life, is everything we need right now and more.

Jordan was revered in his day, and loathed by his fellow players, as he was a legendary trash talker and always backed up his statements.

April 19 is the official release date (a Sunday night), and ESPN has done their homework. Without any competition in the sports world, viewership will be through the roof.

Even LeBron James, the modern GOAT, has pleaded with ESPN to give the basketball community what they want. It turns out they were listening the entire time.