ESPN Considering Replacing Booger McFarland and Joe Tessitore on Monday Night Football

Booger McFarland
ESPN is reportedly considering moving on from Booger McFarland and Joe Tessitore on MNF. | Bob Levey/Getty Images

Joe Tessitore and Booger McFarland have been criticized for their commentary on Monday Night Football for the past two seasons, and for good reason. Now, it appears the two could be on thin ice.

According to Andrew Marchand of the New York Post, ESPN is considering moving on from Tessitore and McFarland next year, due to the exit of longtime producer Jay Rothman.

A name being brought up as Rothman's replacement is CBS' lead football producer Jim Rikhoff, per Marchand.

If ESPN were to pry him away from the rival network, the belief is he could be able to sway soon-to-be free agent Tony Romo into jumping ship. Romo is slated to command over $10 million per year, which would blow away John Madden's record of $8 million per season. However, they'd likely enter a massive bidding war with CBS to obtain Romo's services.

Other names brought up are retired NFL quarterback Peyton Manning and Carolina Panthers tight end Greg Olsen.

While the ratings for Monday Night Football this season have increased, the duo of Tessitore and McFarland have been oft-criticized, and the subject of countless memes across all social media platforms.

While nothing is set in stone, big changes could be looming for the MNF crew.