ESPN Completely Botches NBA Graphic During Wednesday Night Broadcast

ESPN has zero idea who's playing on NBA Friday
ESPN has zero idea who's playing on NBA Friday

If you were watching the Ohio State-North Carolina game on ESPN Wednesday night, you might've noticed something strange crawling along the bottom of the screen.

As they always do during big matchups, ESPN put up a graphic towards the bottom of the screen promoting their NBA Friday night lineup of games.

But for whatever reason, they completely messed up the graphics, showing the wrong logos for all four teams taking part in the evening's action.

0-for-4 is tough!

On the other hand, this hilarious error actually describes some pretty exciting matchups, featuring completely made-up teams facing each other. Yes, the New Orleans Nuggets will play the Houston Celtics, while the Dallas Lakers and Phoenix Trail Blazers get the nightcap. Which team is Melo on? Who knows?!

How'd this go down? After crunching the numbers, there's...genuinely no way of knowing.

Usually with mistakes like this, only one team listed contains a graphic error, such as that famed time the Trail Blazers logo became the Rockets' mark against the Warriors in last year's playoffs.

The fact that there are four glaring mistakes in this most recent mishap makes it truly special.