Dak Prescott Should Point to This Revealing Stat if Cowboys Try to Lowball Him Again

Dak Prescott
Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott | Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

The extended delay in contract negotiations between the Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott has really amplified debates as to how much the 26-year-old quarterback deserves to pocket annually. In a vacuum, most analysts and fans would agree that he's a quality NFL gunslinger and deserves to be paid quite handsomely in his second contract, though not at "top-five QB in the league" levels.

Coming into the league in 2016, there were concerns among scouts regarding Prescott's overall arm strength and accuracy. However, one glaring statistic proves the Mississippi State product has overcome those deficiencies and he should circle back to it if the Cowboys even dream of lowballing him at the bargaining table.

According to Next Gen Stats, no quarterback was better than Prescott at exceeding expectations on deep balls -- throws 20 or more yards downfield -- last season.


How many more tests does Dak have to pass for the Cowboys to put an end to this contract saga once and for all? We get that it's not that simple, but this statistic speaks volumes to how far the former fourth-round pick has come as a pro.

Anytime you beat out superstars like Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson, Tom Brady and Deshaun Watson on an exclusive list like this, you probably deserve to be among the highest-paid players at your position.

What makes this stalemate so maddening is the fact that Prescott would perhaps only be the richest quarterback in the NFL for what would feel like all of 10 minutes. Dallas needs to get a deal done before studs like Mahomes and Watson, who are reported to have entered extension negotiations with their respective franchises, reset the market.