Broncos Should Immediately Sign Antonio Brown and Play Him Against Raiders for the Ultimate Troll

Oakland Raiders v Arizona Cardinals
Oakland Raiders v Arizona Cardinals | Christian Petersen/Getty Images

It's been a drama-filled week for the Oakland Raiders and wide receiver Antonio Brown. It's finally come to an end on Saturday, as the Raiders released the star wideout after he requested his freedom via social media.

Could we possibly fuel the fire of this saga even more? Well, the Denver Broncos can. These AFC West rivals happen to be Oakland's opponent for Week 1 of the season, and should therefore immediately sign AB and have him play on Monday Night Football against his now-former team. This has to happen. The trolling opportunity is just too great to pass up.

The Broncos would be a sneering and shameless bunch to pull a move like this agianst the Raiders, but it's not like they don't need a No. 1 wide receiver. Looking at Denver's depth chart, their top three pass-catchers are Emmanuel Sanders, Courtland Sutton and DaeSean Hamilton.

Yeah, they could actually use No. 84's prodigious skills.

It's highly unlikely that would happen, but it should. Seriously, why not?

Of course, Brown is in a place right now where he just needs to get on a team that will tolerate keeping him around, period. He's not getting that guaranteed money from Oakland barring some kind of blockbuster grievance decision in labor court, so he just needs a job in teh meantime.

All John Elway and the Broncos have to do is pick up the phone and bring this All-Pro playmaker aboard. Maybe all this guy's attitude needs is some altitude.