Brian Gutekunst can't stop blowing it for the Packers

NFL Combine - Day 2
NFL Combine - Day 2 | Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Is Brian Gutekunst the most hated man in all of Wisconsin right now? It sure feels that way. On Thursday, a massive report from ESPN's Adam Schefter said that Aaron Rodgers has grown so frustrated with the front office, that he's told members of the organization he wants out.

How could Gutekunst possibly make things worse? On Thursday night, rather than draft a receiver in the first round like many of us thought he would, Gutekunst decided to focus on defense.

While Georgia cornerback Eric Stokes Jr. is an incredible talent, this probably isn't what Rodgers was hoping for. Ole Miss wideout Elijah Moore was there for the taking, but Green Bay passed and went with a defensive back.

Who knows, maybe once Minnesota's Rashod Bateman was off the board, Gutekunst decided to not force things with Moore. However, once again failing to give Rodgers help is unacceptable. No wonder he wants out of town.