​Though ​Doug Baldwin's contract termination last week officially ended his tenure in Seattle, we still needed to hear it from the man himself before we accepted that he was throwing in the towel on a career in the ​NFL.

Well, now ​Baldwin's got the last word.

Following a career-ending set of injuries, the punishing WR penned the emotional letter he always wanted to write to his younger self on Twitter late Sunday night.

​​It begins quite casually, but gets emotional quickly for the diminutive WR who's had to fight for everything he ever had in the league.

​​It's really hard to contain the tears here.

​​Baldwin, of course, thanks the teammates he encountered along the way...

...as well as his more prominent 'Hawks teammates.​​

​​It's hard to imagine a WR paying better tribute to his fellow warriors.

​​Success always has a downside, and Baldwin made sure to note that the game didn't always satisfy his basest desires.

​​And so, the lovable Seahawk embraced his failures one last time before signing off.

​​Mr. Baldwin, we'll miss you. But this isn't the end.

​​It's just the end of a moment.

There's plenty more for you to do that'll satisfy that young man you've always carried with you.