​Ladies and gentlemen, we assure you that, in accordance with previous reports, ​Aaron Rodgers really was in ​'Game of Thrones' on Sunday night. It was kind of cool! He fled a battle as explosions happened, and we didn't hate it.

Did you see him? Neat!

Unfortunately, some Packers fans thought a...different rando was Aaron, mostly thanks to an erroneous tweet from Pat McAfee.

That rando did absolutely nothing, and Packer Nation got furious about it, all while missing the realer, cooler Aaron.

​​Ah, well. So, Rodgers got to fulfill a dream, but Packer Nation didn't really get the cathartic national television moment they were hoping for.

Not a huge deal though, right? I mean, no NFL fan could actually be offended by this?

You may have underestimated Packer Nation.

​​Yeah, take that up with the play caller, man.

​​OK, none of that, sir. It's fair to be disappointed in the limited impact you thought Rodgers had on screen, but by NO means can you let this dictate your expectations for what's sure to be a big summer for the Pack.

In the meantime, enjoy this much more fiery still of Rodgers' real performance.

Cool stuff.