​Well, it happened! ​Kawhi Leonard, the cold-blooded assassin, may have ended Brett Brown's career -- oh yeah, and sent the Toronto Raptors to the Eastern Conference Finals, too. Right.

The Raptors took a home Game 7 92-90 in absolutely ridiculous fashion, sending Philly home crying (or ​directly to the locker room).

Real tears.

Surely, there was similar emotion on the other side, right? Kawhi must've gone NUTS! Well...​​

​​Or maybe it was more like...

​​Or kind of, actually, we saw it go down like this.

If only we actually had a mic on King Kawhi, though, because this screaming is pretty indelible.

If you remember one thing about this shot going forward, please remember exactly how often it bounced before finding pay dirt.​​

​​Iconic luck.

None of us could handle it, really.

​​Plenty of us celebrated, though, so let's give some equal airtime to the opposite reaction. More specifically, we're talking about Joel Embiid's wet, wet eyes.

​​He just ended the man.

But even Embiid knew what he was getting into.

​​He knew.

The game took a toll on Embiid no doubt, but nothing compared to our man Brett Brown, who may be clipping out the classifieds tomorrow.

Turn the page, man. Get a Gillette.​​

Bottom line: we have a new King.

​​And it's Drake! Because he officially figured out the best way to handle this whole "Curse" thing.

​​WOW. If he's figured out how to manage that mischief, we might as well not play Bucks-Raptors. It's a foregone conclusion.

What a game, what a robot, what a set of Game 7s. This one took the cake, though.