​The Process isn't over, it seems. There's still some hardship left for the Sixers to overcome. After a turbulent season featuring some steps backward by Ben Simmons and some semi-fits in Tobias Harris and Jimmy Butler, ​Joel Embiid got tortured, physically and mentally, in the Eastern Conference Semifinals. His body betrayed him, yet he still battled, all the way to the final possession of Game 7 on the road, which ended with a Kawhi Leonard off-balance jumper right in his face. Someday, ​Embiid will recover. But for now? It's hit him hard, as you could see in his postgame reaction.

​​Next season will be pivotal for Embiid: he needs to place a premium on his own fitness, as well as court vision. The man who has the potential to be the best big man this league has ever seen needs to find a bit more consistency.

This game and series serves as a harsh reminder of how hard it is to win in this league. Someday, Embiid will look back on it fondly. For now, it's the latest setback in a zero-sum game.