Per Shams Charania, the Mavericks are investigating the altercation involving Kristaps Porzingis. The team reportedly believes he was jumped at a night club, and then assaulted and hit by objects. 

Already embroiled in ​what could be a seismic scandal, ​Dallas Mavericks center ​Kristaps Porzingis ​has been spotted on video with a cut above his eye after an apparent altercation. Based on the language being spoken in the background and the writing on the stores around him, this apparently took place in Latvia. Porzingis also pushed a woman in the aftermath as he was trying to speak with apparent authorities, but she doesn't appear to be a part of the original altercation.

TMZ is reporting that the fight took place in Porzingis' hometown of Liepaja after a handful of Russians confronted Kristaps at a bar or club for switching NBA teams this past season. A fight broke out as a result.

Porzingis, who was traded from the New York Knicks to Dallas in an attempt to gain cap space, hasn't seen the court in a year and a half, and has become just as well known for his sketchy off-court behavior as he was for his All-Star level play. 

​​While there is a lot of backstory about this video that is unknown, and this video isn't timestamped, this is a bad look for Porzingis. We don't know how his eye got like that, but surely the Mavs would prefer their new acquisition stays out of trouble.

This is a developing story and we will update it with more information as it becomes available.