The ​New Orleans Saints and their fans, poised for another Super Bowl challenge in 2019, have spent the entire offseason whining about that infamous missed pass interference call that sent ​Sean McVay's Los Angeles Rams to the championship. ​

Even after the juvenile actions of an entire fanbase and city, Saints owner Gayle Benson actually PRAISED their response to what she deemed an "obviously terrible no call" 

"​​Had this happened in another city, it is likely there would have been riots in the streets,” said Benson. “As bitterly disappointed as our fans were, our response was the opposite. Rather than riot, our protests turned into another cause: for parties. ‘Boycott Bowls’ sprang up throughout the city on Super Bowl Sunday."

Where do you even begin with this? First off, there wouldn't have been "riots" in other cities, full stop. You shouldn't praise your fanbase for not rioting and instead partying. What Saints fans lacked in rioting they made up for with all sorts of complaining, threats and antics on social media. 

I get that you're mad, Saints fans. However, and this might shock you, officials get calls wrong. It happened. Get over it and knock off all the complaining.