​The ​San Diego Padres' Twitter team just made a major rookie mistake. In order to celebrate Mother's Day, the Padres decided to change their handle on twitter to the Madres. They also changed their username to @Madres. 

That's when one Twitter user saw a perfect opportunity to capitalize, as he swiped the @Padres username for himself, putting the baseball club in a unique position. If this guy is smart, he will ask for a pretty penny to give the username back to the organization. 

Ricky Padilla, an apparent college baseball player for Calvin College, was the individual who saw the team's gaffe and jumped on the opportunity to take over the '@Padres' username. 


Naturally, people continued to tweet at the '@Padres' account, but considering it was now Padilla's username, he was the one responding the questions about roster moves and contracts, and even took a hilarious dig at ​Ian Kinsler in the process. 

While the Padres thought they were being clever, by switching from Dads to Moms for the holiday, they went one step too far and Padilla took advantage of their mistake. 

Happy Madres Day, but hopefully the Padres will be able to get back their username from Padilla without making a big deal of things.