​Give ​Kirby Smart credit, he paved the high road.

Given ​Dan Mullen's frequent shots at the Georgia Bulldogs this offseason, Smart has every reason to clap back at the Florida Gators, stoking the flames of a rivalry that's already incredibly heated heading into the 2019 season. But really, what does that do for the Georgia brand?

“I just don’t know that there is a lot that we control by the words we say. Football is so much to me is played between the lines and the physicality of the people that play it. We are going to play a brand of football at Georgia that is physical and tough. We do not really want to talk to the opponents," Smart said.

Per DawgNation, Smart discusses the importance of speaking with your play, rather than putting his student-athletes in a precarious position by bragging for them when the rivalry game is still months away from even entering the sports world's periphery. 

"If I go out and do that as a coach, how do I look to my players? It is not something that I enjoy doing or want to do. I just want to go work really hard and grind and play the game and may the best team win," Smart added. “I just don’t think you need that. That is not going to make Georgia great. We are not going to move up in the rankings by what I say. We are going to do it by how we play. We want to talk with our helmets. That is what we always talk about – we want to play a physical brand of football and not do it with our mouthpiece.”

Smart has no reason to engage in a war of words with Mullen, as it benefits the Gators far more than it does Georgia. The Bulldogs have the recruiting and on-field edge against Florida of late, so the baseball assertions thrown out by Mullen do very little good for UGA should they issue even a semblance of a response.

Expect Georgia to stay quiet on the matter until Nov. 2.