Lebron James Jr. may already have garnered attention from ​college powerhouses ​like Duke and Kentucky when he was still in middle school, but now, "Bronny" is hitting the big time as a high schooler and AAU player. But when his Strive for Greatness team clashed with Bates Fundamental Saturday in Westfield, Ind., he and his ​NBA superstar dad weren't necessarily the biggest stars of the show -- not for those who couldn't take their eyes of Emoni Bates:

Bates, wearing No. 21 in white, is an incredibly enticing prospect out of Ypsilanti, Mich. He can shoot the rock, he has point guard skills that belie his size and length, and the kind of above-the-rim athleticism that ought to have scouts far and wide feeling tantalized.

Eric Bossi of Rivals.com even wrote that he thinks Bates is "as good a freshman as I have ever seen" in 20 years of talent evaluation. "Bates may also be on a path to living the most similar high school experience of anybody since LeBron," he said. 

And he's not alone in thinking that.

All told, Bronny's team ended up winning out on the day. But the 15-year-old Bates, who dropped 43 points and grabbed 11 rebounds, may have just seen his stock rise through the roof.