This will take you by surprise, but let us explain.

The MLB world is expecting San Francisco Giants ace Madison Bumgarner ​​to be on the trade block​ come July and everyone is hoping he gets dealt to a contender so we can see playoff MadBum in full form once again. After all, it's been quite a while.

However, if the left-hander has any say in it, he might not be playing postseason baseball at all after his no-trade list was revealed.

Ummm...​so where do you want to go, Madison? The Dodgers? San Fran would NEVER trade you there. The Rays? Come on now. 

Perhaps the Twins and the Indians could be options, but that AL Central race is expected to be a dogfight and probably won't have a Wild Card team coming out of that division.

Then again, this pretty much just allows MadBum to decide where he wants to go at the deadline because he'll have to sign off on the deal if it involves one of these eight teams.

It's a genius strategy when you think about it. Bumgarner will essentially have full control over his next destination assuming the trade talks involve one of these eight contenders, which, in all likelihood, they probably will.

Get ready for a wild trade deadline.