​Could this story end up having a happy ending after all? 

Earlier this week, Albert Pujols made even more personal history, as he belted a solo homer to record RBI No. 2,000. It was a monumental accomplishment for the veteran slugger. However, things took a negative turn ​when the fan who caught the dinger refused to give it back to Albert, ​despite the Angels making numerous offers. 

Now, though, the young man has had a change of heart and said he wants Albert to have what's rightfully his. 

​​According to Angels beat writer Jeff Fletcher, Ely Hydes has come out and said after giving it much thought, he realized Pujols is the one who should have the ball. 

"I slept on it," Hydes said to The Detroit News. "All I ever wanted was to sleep on it. I slept on it and I woke up and I think Pujols is a class act."

However, per Fletcher, Pujols doesn't want the ball anymore, saying the fan can either keep it or donate it to the Hall of Fame. 

Well, looks like Hydes has a decision to make. Either keep it or let the HOF have it. This ALL could have been avoided had he just given Pujols the ball in the first place, but it's too late for that now.