For once, it was the Houston Rockets with the expectation to take home the W in Game 6, especially after the ​Golden State Warriors lost Kevin Durant for the rest of the series.

However, with the pressure squarely on the likes of ​Chris Paul, James Harden and Co., they failed when it mattered most. The Warriors are on their way to the conference finals for the fifth straight year, and twitter reacted per usual.

For what it's worth, Paul actually had a decent game, but he's clearly just cursed at this point.

​The onus has to be placed on Harden here, as he came up short yet again and disappeared in the fourth quarter when his team needed him most.

That's some bad company to be in.

Forget Finals, what about conference finals?

Might as well hang a giant L from the rafters in Houston at this juncture.

Truly insurmountable, Morty.

Adorable children, but forever second-best.

Remember that brief second we all thought Klay wasn't going to show up this series?

It was raining in Houston on Friday night, that's for sure.

Can Paul Pierce predict I *won't* win the lottery?

It's never too soon for a wiki edit. Never. Sorry, Houston.