Most people would say that when one of, if not the best basketball ball player in the league comes out of a game with an injury, it should probably make things easier for the opponent.

Well apparently not everyone agrees with this sentiment. After ​Warriors' superstar ​Kevin Durant exited game five of the Western Conference semi-finals with a strained left calf, ​Rockets forward PJ Tucker apparently told his teammates that things would get more difficult for the team. ESPN analyst Jeff Van Gundy did not mince his words when he learned of this outrageous take. 

No, Jeff. Tucker was not kidding. 

Tucker felt that the Warriors would collectively play harder in Durant's stead, but that would be assuming that the team hadn't been putting in 100% effort in the previous five games of the series. 

I think I have to side with Van Gundy on this one, as Durant's absence will certainly make things easier for the Rockets in Game's 6 and 7.