​Third time's a charm, right?

The Boston Red Sox visited the White House on Thursday to be honored by President Donald Trump for their 2018 World Series victory, but it wasn't without the usual nonsense we expect each and every day from the nation's capital.

First, ​the White House spelled "Red Sox" incorrectly and then ​Trump accidentally savaged Steve Pearce by asking him if he was playing well this season (he's batting .111, so Trump clearly didn't brush up on his knowledge before the visit). And to top it all off?

Apparently the Sox are double champions or, depending on how you look at it, the champions of a sport/league we've never heard of.

The Boston Red Socks, your 2018 World Cup Series Champions!

This is AMERICA and the White House is destroying ​AMERICA'S pastime right before our very eyes. You call that patriotism? A buzzed freshman college student probably could've gotten this correct if they had the ample amount of time to prepare for it like the White House did.

Here we are, folks. It's 2019 and the people we are relying upon to sort out the world's most pressing and tense issues are giving championship teams fast food and butchering everything else along the way.