​The ​Arizona Cardinals shocked the world during the 2019 NFL Draft by ​selecting Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray with the first overall pick, despite drafting Josh Rosen the year prior.

Now, the Murray era is official in Glendale, as the Heisman Trophy winner signed his rookie contract on Thursday.

​​Kyler Murray Contract Details

As many know, Murray was originally selected by the Oakland Athletics in the 2018 MLB Entry Draft. Despite the team allowing Murray to start for Oklahoma's team, Murray had a change of heart.

Even though MLB players get massive details, Murray did quite well for himself.

Murray will receive over $35 million on his rookie contract, while netting $23+ million signing bonus. The deal also includes a fifth-year option.

​So how does this compare to his rookie deal with the Athletics? If Murray stuck with baseball, he would only garner a one-year deal, that included a $4.66 million signing bonus. That's five times less than what he received from the Cardinals.

This was no doubt a huge win for Murray, as he prepares to light up the NFL and take the Arizona Cardinals to new heights.