President Donald Trump honored the 2018 World Series champion Boston Red Sox (well, some of them) at the White House on Thursday, and no mention was made of the ​controversy that overshadowed the visit

From the surface, the celebration went as well as anybody could have expected, even though ​Trump accidentally roasted World Series MVP Steve Pearce in brutal fashion

That wasn't the only questionable remark made by the President, however, as Red Sox chairman Tom Werner described a rather awkward conversation he had with the Donald. 

Hold up. Is Trump insinuating that Lincoln lost the Civil War?  Does POTUS not remember that the war was fought to resolve a conflict within our own country? 

We can only hope he meant Lincoln was "losing the war" at some point.

Another pointer: did Trump really attempt to genuinely compare losing that war to dropping a few games throughout the course of a season?

He literally could have correlated the game of baseball to anything else but the turmoil of the bloodiest war in the history of our country. Even so, how does discussing Abraham Lincoln even turn to the discussion of losing a war when Honest Abe was renown for his resilient effort to end slavery? 

This whole conversation is utterly baffling and we're just relieved that we didn't have to suffer through it.