​The ​Milwaukee Bucks have been a force all season long, but they've taken it to a whole new level in the playoffs. 

Through the first two series (nine games) the Bucks have played against the Detroit Pistons and ​Boston Celtics and have a +138 scoring margin, which is the same as the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls through their first nine postseason games. 

​​The Bucks are in good company here, as that Bulls squad is considered one of the greatest teams of all time, as they went 72-10 (a record before the 73-9 ​Golden State Warriors came along), and won the NBA championship. 

Nothing is guaranteed for the Bucks, as they still have to get by either the Philadelphia 76ers or the Toronto Raptors, but it's hard to ignore the sheer dominance Giannis Antetokounmpo and Co. have displayed so far. 

​​The Bucks looked to be in a little bit of trouble after Game 1 of the Eastern Conference semifinals when the Celtics ran away with the win, but Milwaukee quickly adjusted and smashed the Kyrie Irving-led Celtics by a margin of +65 over the next four games. 

Antetokounmpo was incredible in the series, averaging 28.4 points with 10.8 rebounds and 5.2 assists, and was scoring from wherever he wanted to on the court.  He even became the only player since 1984 to drop 39+ points and 16+ rebounds without playing 35 minutes or more in the team's Game 4 victory. 

Antetokounmpo is a man on a mission and could be the first player to capture the MVP and win the NBA Finals since Steph Curry in 2014-15. He's chasing greatness, and he's not going to rest until he achieves it.