​One thing you see less of in today's game is hitters bunting. 

Teams and players are all about home runs and walks, and if you strikeout it doesn't matter too much. This style of play is just fine with ​New York Yankees starter ​CC Sabathia, who flat out hates bunting.

Whether it's good strategy or not, Sabathia believes you are wasting an at-bat and it's just weak. Basically, if you are bunting, you aren't manning up and competing with that pitcher fairly.

You have to wonder, does Sabathia hate this because it means he'd have to defend his position or run over to cover first base?

​​I'm not saying it's thrilling to see a player lay down a bunt, but in the case of an over shift, you'd be an idiot not to consider bunting to the open side of the infield and grab a free base-hit. The objective for the offense is to score more runs than the other team, and part of doing that is reaching base.

From a National League perspective, do we want to see pitchers with runners on base try to drive in a run and potentially hit into a double play or strikeout, or would it be best for them to lay a bunt down and move the runner over? You have the pitcher bunt.

Oh, and if a pitcher has dominated you, why wouldn't you lay down a bunt if you have speed and can throw off his timing?

I understand Sabathia's point, but he's just wrong.