A bombshell came out of Gainesville, Florida today, when the Gators lost the top-ranked player in their 2019 class without a warning.

Chris Steele is the latest to enter the transfer portal, and there's one specific incident to blame.

The freshman cornerback cites his motivation for entering the transfer portal as a domestic dispute of sorts. Steele was annoyed that a request to move out of his dorm room, away from roommate Jalon Jones, was not fulfilled in a timely fashion. 

Jones would later be accused of sexual assault by two women in that very room.

Steele committed to the Gators at the All-American Bowl on January 5, the highest-rated recruit in the University of Florida's 2019 class. He was expected to see immediate playing time for the Gators before his announcement.

The 6-1, 195 pound corner was a consensus top-50 recruit, and there is no doubt that his intention to transfer has to sting for a UF team trying to once again become relevant in the world of college football, battling its own morality.

You can't blame the kid, of course. He doesn't want his name involved in this type of incident. Even though he played no role, being associated with the person who did can be just as bad, especially if he was attempting to break all ties prior to the incident.

The Gators will look to move on from this distraction and focus on what is really important: football.

Hopefully, Steele will be able to regroup far away from this sting.