​In so many ways, it's not great news. But for now, fans of the ​Golden State Warriors, it's time to breathe a sigh of relief.

Based on the latest statement from the team, Kevin Durant has no Achilles injury to speak of after exiting Wednesday night's Game 5 against the ​Rockets. He's said to have a right calf strain, which will hold him out of the rest of the game at the very least.

The severity of this ailment is unknown, but it's perfectly likely that KD is forced to miss additional games-- and based on what that means for the Warriors, there's no way to know for sure that his season isn't effectively done.

Or, depending how free agency goes, his Warriors tenure entirely.

Fans and experts alike feared the worst when Durant pulled up lame, as numerous observers noted that he behaved ​as one often does when they tear their Achilles tendon. As far as we know, such a thing hasn't happened. But that doesn't mean the outlook isn't still suddenly bleak for the two-time defending champs.