Brace yourselves for an absolute nightmare, ​NBA fans. Kevin Durant just pulled up lame in non-contact fashion after pulling up for a jumper in Game 5 of the Western Conference Semifinals against the ​Houston Rockets. He was clearly affected after landing, and after limping around for a brief moment, he immediately walked to the tunnel and into the ​Warriors locker room. General manager Bob Myers was spotted with him.

No official word yet, but TNT analyst Reggie Miller notes that players tend to react in a similar way when they suffer Achilles injuries. There's no reason for scaremongering quite yet, but if that is indeed the case, one of the greatest athletes on earth could be forced away from the court for a long time.

It's too early to know just what's going on here. But if you love basketball, your fingers out to be crossed that Kevin Durant didn't just suffer a terrible, awful injury.