​In case you weren't already cautious of Metta World Peace's audacious prognostications, let us remind you that the man ​predicted the Knicks and Pacers to play in this year's Eastern Conference Finals

With that in mind, his latest forecast won't be the least bit shocking. 

On Tuesday night, the former NBA champ previously known as Ron Artest took to Twitter to claim in truly absurd fashion that he would win a title as a head coach in the Association, swiftly downplaying the difficulty of such a tremendous feat. 

Per Metta, spacing, lively movement, and the Triangle offense and playing strong defense is a sure-fire route to lifting the Larry O'Brien Trophy. 

​​There you have it, folks. And shouts to Tex Winter.

Somebody forward these tactics to the likes of Mike D'Antoni, Brett Brown, Brad Stevens, Nick Nurse, Terry Stotts, Mike Malone, and Mike Budenholzer (every coach remaining in the playoffs not named Steve Kerr)! Boom. Here's the formula. Write it down.


No worries, people. The former All-Star has quite the resume to hand in to potential interviewers.  He's a slam dunk.

Not that he would ever be awarded the opportunity, but we'd love to see the notorious MWP get his shot and fail in spectacular fashion.

With that being said, this is peak, arrogant Metta. A we wouldn't expect anything less.