​The ​Los Angeles Lakers cannot seem to stay out of their own way, as their search for a head coach has reportedly hit yet another dead end. The organization simply could not come to terms with Tyronn Lue, who was understood to be as good as hired before a flurry of news to the contrary Wednesday afternoon. Amid the irreconcilable differences? The Lakers didn't want to let Lue pick his own assistant coaches.

The Lakers' coaching history over recent years has been atrocious, with five different coaches leading the Purple and Gold since 2011. Now, they're right back where they started after dismissing Luke Walton.

The Lakers absolutely should have allowed Lue -- or anyone else -- to pick his own assistants, as their organizational incompetence and excessive meddling is a main reason for their lack of playoff basketball dating back to the 2012-13 season.

The Lakers need to ​solidify their head coaching situation well before offseason workouts begin, and their stubbornness when it comes to filling out the staff is simply a self-inflicted wound. Whiffing on Lue, who has a good relationship with LeBron James dating back to their time in Cleveland, is yet another instance of failure from the very top for the Lake Show.