UPDATE: According to reports, Tyronn Lue has informed the Lakers he's moved on from the discussions and is no longer interested in becoming LA's head coach.


​Not so fast, Tyronn Lue

Adrian Wojnarowski ​dropped widely foreseen news on Tuesday, reporting that ​the Lakers were closing in on naming the former Cleveland Cavaliers boss as the franchise's new head coach. 

Roughly 24 hours later, however, Woj's closest sources have revealed that negotiations between Los Angeles and Lue have stalled without a deal to appoint him as the new HC. 

​​That means Frank Vogel, the former coach of the Magic and Pacers, coming on as an assistant is on hold as well.

The NBA guru proceeded to acknowledge that Los Angeles would prefer if Lue would include former Bucks HC, Jason Kidd, on his staff. Woj wouldn't elaborate any further, but perhaps it's worth pondering if Lue doesn't fancy the idea of having Kidd around. 

Again, that's mere skepticism but Wojnarowski didn't confirm or deny that notion, leaving it very much in the realm of possibility. For all we know, the Lakers front office might not be high on Vogel. 

This news doesn't mean that Lue is out of the discussion to reunite with LeBron James, but this stalemate was certainly not expected, especially considering Tuesday's reported progress.