​Of all the ridiculous things to suggest, this is by far the most outlandish...and, OK, fine, realistic.

​Heading into Game 5, Golden State Warriors beat writer Dieter Kurtenbach went public with the absurd notion that the NBA should rig the series between the Warriors and the ​Houston Rockets in Golden State's favor.

​​But don't worry, folks, he'd only do it for ratings!

To go on record and say something like this is preposterous. TV ratings are decidedly not the problem with the NBA right now, considering it's one of the fastest growing sports leagues in the world.

It's even more outlandish when you consider that this is a Warriors beat writer suggesting this. That's right, the team that's won three of the past four NBA Finals and has assembled one of the most talented rosters in NBA history DEFINITELY could use a leg up.

Also, not for nothing: wouldn't the whole world rather see them crash and burn at this point than thrive?

It's just stupid on so many levels. Rigging a series, let alone in favor of arguably the most hated team in sports at the moment, would be a major black eye for the ​NBA.

Maybe this is a result of the fact that the Warriors actually appear vulnerable for once. Regardless, there's no excuse for proposing a fix for this series. Let the teams go at it and let the chips fall where they may.