​Here's something that we don't see often: the soft side of Trevor Bauer. After​ ​posting about the death threats and harassment he deals with on social media earlier in the week, the ​Cleveland Indians starter spoke poignantly about cyber bullying, his own experiences with harassment growing up, and the dangers bullying can pose.

​​It's touching to see Bauer open up about an issue that often gets overlooked. 

He's right on the money about the dangerous effects bullying can have on someone's self-confidence, especially children. It's important that we foster high self-esteem among children  and speak out against bullying in the world at large.

Kudos to Bauer for raising awareness about this issue. All too often, social media can act as a toxic repository for the dark feelings that random people feel all too comfortable sharing these days. Well done by someone who's usually the aggressor.