​When ​Joel Embiid is fully healthy, he is easily one of the most dominant big men in the NBA. However, the problem that dropped him to third overall in the 2014 NBA draft has stuck with him since his debut. ​He can't stay healthy

Embiid relies on his power and quickness on both ends of the floor. When he's 100% he can recover quickly on blocks and overwhelm his opponents. But when he is sheepishly moving on the court, he's just a target for a poster. 

​​We've seen some of the most ferocious blocks from Embiid. In this instance, Kawhi rose up like he wasn't even there. 

If Embiid isn't a rim protector on defense, he's just an easy obstacle to move around. 

​​There's no reason Kyle Lowry should be able to easily screen Embiid. Come on.

The worst is when he doesn't even try. 

​​Marc Gasol isn't Shaq. He's going to make that shot if you leave him that wide open. 

If Embiid is hurt or sick, he lacks strength, quickness, and effort. He isn't effective in the post and can't shoot well enough to be a floor spacer. Other teams will be celebrating when a banged-up Embiid is playing, and the Raptors certainly have.

Sixers fans have been angry for pundits saying the team would be better off if Embiid didn't play when he wasn't 100%, but the fact of the matter is that each game he wasn't, the Raptors blew them out of the water. There's something to be said about that, right?