​Whatever it takes to win, right, Cubbies? 

On Wednesday afternoon, it's been reported that Chicago will call up star shortstop Addison Russell from Triple-A Iowa. Perfect. Russell has ​served his 40-game suspension and deserves to be in the majors with his teammates. 

...Nope, sorry, I can't type that without getting anxiety. 

The man was suspended for violating ​MLB's domestic violence policy, with troubling details coming forward from both his ex-wife and ex-girlfriend about what happened between them behind closed doors.

The disturbing specifics, via Yahoo Sports, include Russell trying to trip his ex-wife while she was pregnant, and also trying to force her into sexual relations while they were at the hospital checking in on their son. 

Come on. 

​​Russell is a great ball player. I'm not denying that. However, he has no place in Major League Baseball. It's an honor to play in this great league, and even more to suit up for the iconic Cubs. He's flatly proven that he's undeserving of that honor. 

Chicago has said on multiple occasions that Russell has been working passionately to learn from his mistakes and has done everything they've asked him to do in order to grow from his mistakes. But, those mistakes weren't miniscule. The man was a monster to multiple women, including the mother of his child. Yet, we're just going to forget about that and cheer for him each night he's at the plate?

Maybe we won't be cheering for him much with the bat in his hands, anyways. 

Once Russell hits the field for his first game back, it will be a proverbial black eye for the entire league. More so, though, it will be an embarrassment for the Chicago Cubs.