​There's getting all of a ball, then there's what Josh Bell just did. Bell just hit a massive 472-foot two-run home run straight out of PNC Park and into the Allegheny River off of ​Texas Rangers pitcher Shelby Miller to tie the ballgame.


Clearly Miller's fastball had no chance against the slugger. Believe it or not, Bell's towering homer is actually the first ball to fly into the Allegheny since Garrett Jones in 2013 and was Bell's MLB leading third home run over 450 feet this year.

Bell is now hitting .300 and has extended his team home run and RBI lead to nine and 27 respectively. The Bucs slugger had a down year in 2018, when he hit just 12 home runs with 62 RBI at an average of .261. His nine home runs through 33 games played is a great sign for Pirates fans that he should be back on track, as he is currently on pace to hit around 44 home runs and grab well over 100 runs batted in. 

Bell is on an absolute tear, and hopefully, his hot hitting will be able to get the rest of the ​Pittsburgh Pirates back on track.