​On Tuesday, the ​Japanese Baseball League had Japanese Wrestler Kazuchika Okada throw out the first pitch at a game, and he did it in his wrestling gear. IWPG wrestling champion and a star for the New Japan Pro Wrestling, Okada took the mound in tight shorts, and that's about it. He also carried his championship belt with him, before trading it for a glove and a ball.

Okada has been the reigning IWPG champion since April 6, 2019, and threw a strike to a swinging batter in his guest star first pitch. 

Only in the JBL would you see a first pitch like that. The MLB is far less extreme with its first pitch outfits, though the throws are sometimes quite entertaining. 

New Japan Pro Wrestling received huge news this previous weekend, with WWE Legend Chris "Y2K" Jericho announcing his plans to return to Japan wrestling to challenge Okada for the IWPG Championship on June 9, 2019. One can only hope that Jericho will be given the same opportunity as Okada, and give out the first pitch in his wrestling gear.

I can't wait for John Cena to show up to a ​Red Sox games in his jorts and "U Can't See Me" arm bands to throw out the first pitch.