​Tim Tebow has not played football since his abrupt departure from the NFL. He had early success as the quarterback for the ​Denver Broncos in his first two seasons, which included a historic playoff win, but ultimately his career never panned out. 

Tebow was forced out of Denver and replaced by Peyton Manning, and went to the New York Jets for one season. He then left football and later began his pursuit of a career in baseball, joining the New York Mets' minor league affiliate, four years after his last NFL season.

People are always mulling Tebow's next career choice, should baseball not be the answer, and the XFL even offered him a spot in their league which starts in 2020. Despite initially denying the request, the league has now offered once again, amid Tebow's ​rough start for the Syracuse Mets.

Tebow began his season with Syracuse at the Triple-A level and has struggled in his first 23 games. He is batting .130 and has been struck out 32 times in 77 trips to the plate. 

The ​XFL certainly noticed the former quarterback's struggles on the baseball field, and are hoping they can parlay those woes into a rebound career in their startup league.  Tebow got a large amount of people to watch the minor league team of the Mets, imagine what he could do for a new football league after great success in his college career and small portion of NFL success?

Tebow is struggling at Triple-A, which is the highest level he's sniffed in the minors. If thinks continue down this path, it'd become hard to rule out a possible return to football for the multi-talented athlete. No matter how many times he declines, an offer will ALWAYS be there for Tebow.