​Michael Jordan is still leading the GOAT discussion despite how incredibly talented the NBA has become in recent years. In order to fully understand his greatness, you must look beyond his unbelievable stats and mountain of accolades-- MJ defined his career with clutch moments, like his incredible playoff game-winner over Cleveland's Craig Ehlo exactly 30 years ago today.

One of the ​clutchest shots in NBA history

This shot came in a series-deciding Game 5 for the ​Bulls. If Jordan misses the pull-up, his Chicago Bulls get bounced in the first round. 

In these moments, however, you can always count on Mike.

This was one of the early flashes of greatness from Jordan two years before he won the first of six championships. Once he and Scottie Pippen were really cooking together, the duo was unstoppable. After dropping the first three games in the 1990-91 season, Jordan never lost three games in a row again until he retired for the second time following the 1998 season.

Jordan's status as the Greatest of All Time is so cemented for a reason. His uber-competitiveness willed his team to victories in endless scenarios. There may be players that are more physically gifted than Jordan, but no one ever wanted to win more than he did.