Does anybody have a timestamp for the last time Le'Veon Bell actually showed up to a practice? 

The New York Jets recently held their voluntary offseason workouts and of course the franchise's new running back ​was a no-show

But according to Bell, there's no reason to chafe about him missing these practices because he knows what method works for him to be at his best come the start of the season. Check out the 27-year-old's arrogant and air-headed response to a fan on Instagram: 

We have a better idea, Le'Veon. How about you show some form of respect to the team that ​gave you the lucrative multi-year deal that you sat out all of last season for!

And we weren't the only ones incensed by Bell's PSA. 

Sure, Bell ran for just under 1,300 yards and nine touchdowns while adding 85 catches for 655 yards and an additional two scores back in 2017 when he didn't report to the Steelers until a little over a week before their season opener. 

But the three-time Pro Bowler just continues to prove that he epitomizes the "I'm better than you so I don't have to practice" attitude, not to mention the fact that this type of behavior inherently puts a negative spotlight on the team.

Get ready for a season's worth of headaches, Jets fans.