​The talk of the ​Warriors over the course of this postseason has been the brilliance and dominance of Kevin Durant, coupled with the surprisingly so-so play of Stephen Curry. 

But folks, did we just forget about Klay Thompson? A two-time All-NBA member considered to be part of the best shooting backcourt of all time? 

In truth, you probably did, because the five-time All-Star has been an utter no show thus far in the playoffs and that FACT has somehow flown considerably under the radar. 

Thompson's sheer no-show leads us to believe that some teams should absolutely question giving him a max contract in the summer. 

He is averaging 16.5 points per game, a figure that's well down from a 21.5 tally in the regular season. Throughout the regular season, Klay shot 46.7% from the floor and 40.2% from three. In the playoffs, he is shooting at a 43.2% clip overall, and just 37.1% from distance. 

Make no mistake, there will be a team willing to pay the 29-year-old, ​and it could very well be Golden State, but the numbers speak for themselves. 

When Klay and Steph aren't hitting their shots with a ferocity far above their opponents, this isn't the same team. What's happened to their confidence, both at home and on the road?

Can Thompson surely handle the load of being a primary scoring option? As someone who's always succeeded off the catch, we were already wary. And his play in the postseason further suggests the answer to that question is a firm no.