​​Kyrie Irving...not handling defeat gracefully, evidently. 

After losing Game 4 to the Milwaukee Bucks and now staring a 3-1 deficit in the face, Irving was asked about what adjustments he'll make to his game after a lackluster 7-for-22 shooting night. His answer was...not encouraging. 

No, Kyrie, that is not a winning mentality. In fact, that's the exact opposite. ​The Celtics are, in theory, stacked. They have Gordon Hayward, Jayson Tatum, Al Horford, shall I go on? Shooting the ball more when you're already struggling is the exact wrong way to win a basketball game, especially on the road. If he actually follows through with this threat, Game 5 won't go well.

To quote Russell Westbrook, next question.

Irving was then asked to explain why he left the court before the game was even over. While we understand the motive, it's not a great look since this could very well be Irving's last game in Boston.

I mean, yes. The game was effectively over. But remaining on the court to leave battle with your teammates is fairly critical at this juncture, and it's understandable to wonder if Irving is fully checked out of Boston.

For the Celtics sake, we hope he's not.