​Golden State Warriors superstar Steph Curry is not having the most ideal playoff run in 2019. Instead of lighting up the stat sheet, he's getting himself in foul trouble and ​missing uncontested dunks.

With Steph being subjected to criticism throughout the NBA Playoffs, fans had some more fuel after watching his younger brother Seth light it up for the ​Portland Trail Blazers on Sunday. Seth scored 16 points in 15 minutes during the first half of the team's Game 4 matchup against the Nuggets.

As this happened, of course Twitter decided to pour pounds of salt into Steph's proverbial open wound.

​​It all makes so much sense now. The Monstars (aka the Warriors) got a taste of their own medicine.

Steph's gonna want to avoid social media for awhile.

After gaining all six Infinity Stones, Seth snapped his fingers to gain his bro's powers, and now the world is perfectly balanced...for himself.

Sometimes, you just need an upgrade.

So when are Seth's signature shoes hitting the shelves? Soon, right? That's how this works.

Never forget that both Steph and Seth have the same amount of NBA Finals MVPs.

Steph really is a good brother for this deed.

Hey, being known as Seth Curry's brother isn't a bad thing. Just look at what he's doing in Game 4 of the Western Conference semifinals.

Wait, so that makes Seth a Warrior and Steph a Trail Blazer, if we're to believe movie logic.

Seth isn't the hero that the youth needs. He's the hero the kids deserve.