​The series is officially tied up 2-2, as the Toronto Raptors stole a 101-96 win in Philly on Sunday afternoon. 

A big time performance from Raptors fearless leader, Kawhi Leonard, solidified some series altering momentum in favor of The Six.  

Joel Embiid's lackluster 11 point performance shows that the Sixers cannot rely on him alone if they wish to survive the second round of the NBA Eastern Conference playoffs, especially if they're giving up home games.


Leonard, who has 39 points, hit a clutch three over Embiid with 1:03 left in regulation. That dagger gave the Raptors a 91-90 lead and a chip on their shoulders that they promptly used to steal Game 4. 

The Raptors also have quiet games from Embiid and Ben Simmons to thank as well.

Both stars barely broke double digits. As mentioned previously, Embiid only totaled 11 points, and Simmons only contributed 10. Embiid was 2-for-7 from the floor. This is the third time in four games that Embiid scored less than 20 points. This season, The Process has averaged 27.5 points per game. 

Now of course, Embiid is not performing at 100% due to health issues. But this is the playoffs and the stakes are insurmountable. The Sixers go-to's have to be operating at full potential unless they want to spent the rest of the post-season watching from their couches at home, especially with how Kawhi has been playing.