​You don't get the nickname "The Human Highlight Reel" for no reason. Raymond Daniels proved exactly why at ​Bellator Birmingham, when he ended Wilker Barros in the first round thanks to a devastating flurry at the end of the round. Daniels wasn't above showing off a little bit, as he literally waved at him before ending his night in spectacular fashion. 

This was Daniels' first MMA win, as he actually made his name as a star in kickboxing, karate, and Tae Kwon Do. ​​The No. 8 welterweight in the world before last night, Daniels is assuredly heading up the rankings after a dominant performance like that. 

​​Conor McGregor never did this, did he? When's the last time you saw Daniel Cormier do a 360 before kicking someone in the head?

​​Some people might assume that UFC = MMA, but guys like Daniels are littered all over ​Bellator, showing that the organization has a bright future.