​When you're ​Bryce Harper, you get some interesting requests. Apparently the same can be said for his wife Kayla.

Per Kayla's instagram story, a woman tried to slide into Harper's DMs, but accidentally sent the message to his wife. As you can imagine, it didn't go as planned for this young woman. Instead, she was exposed by Harper's loving, supportive significant other.

Jordan better take that thirst out of the city of brotherly love, Kayla's having none of this.

The direct messages of major sports figures is a dangerous place to loom, as they're frequently filled with baseless assertions or, in this case, nothing but trouble. Jordan is right about one thing, however; Harper does seem pretty stressed early in his career in Philly. ​Bryce has already been booed despite being made the de facto face of the franchise after he was given a boatload of cash.

Philly sports fans a re a unique bunch, and feel entitled enough to boo even their greatest heroes. Hopefully Harper understands this, and is humbled by the opportunity and harsh reaction from his supposed supporters. 

If not, Jordan's here to help.